Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I Built a Wall and I’m Proud of It

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You’d probably think the title of this post is a metaphor for something; but the truth is I built a wall and I’m proud of it. My wife and I have a two bedroom house. A few years ago we decided that we could have a bigger master bedroom if we took down the wall between the two rooms, so I did just that. It was great for a long time. But, with babies on the way, we needed a second room (and then some). By the way, we are having twins in a few months if you hadn’t heard.

So a week ago I started putting back the wall. Well I love construction. I’m quite handy and I’d been itching to do a project around the house. Seeing as our room was going to shrink, I thought it would be a good time to replace our old “tube” television with a flat LCD in the bedroom. If I installed it on the wall, I would gain much more space on our dresser. And, since I was building the wall from scratch, I could run all the cables/wires/etc. in the wall so nothing would be seen. It was on!

Step by step, day by day I worked on this wall. First I framed it. Then I ran electrical. Then I worked on a conduit for the satellite, phone, network, HDMI, cables, etc. Next I put up one side of the drywall and the insulation; after that went up the other side of drywall. Then tape the seams, patch the nails and prep for painting. Finally, paint and baseboards. In about 8 days (not fulltime) it was done.

Aya photographed step by step my progress. You can check out my progress by viewing my Kodak Gallery. It turned out great, and yes, I’m very proud.

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Charles Chase said...

solid work brother, very clean, classic solomon style. nice tv btw